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Rainbow Bridge

Welcome to our Rainbow Bridge. This space is reserved especially for animals that still hold a very special place in our hearts, even though they are not with us anymore. Enjoy viewing this magnificent bunch! We sure think they're special, and we hope you do too.
GCh Gracyn's Valiant Warrior V. Lost Creek

Barney was selected as Best Puppy Dog and then went on to be awarded BEST IN FUTURITY at the 2009 Great Dane National in Chattanooga, TN at 4 months of age. He continued his winning ways by finishing at 11 months at the Greater Kansas City Great Dane Club specialty under respected breeder-judge Ms. Dale Tarbox. He has also been awarded his Grand Championship at 15 months old.


He has continued to amaze us with his great size, temperament and his beautiful structure. He has the most exquisite head with the softest gentle black-eyed expression expected of our gentle giants.


Barney is named after one of Jerry’s best friends, a Medal of Honor recipient, Colonel Harvey C. “Barney” Barnum, Jr.Colonel Harvey C. Barnum, Jr. is a retired United States Marine Corps officer who received the Medal of Honor for valor during the Vietnam War. He was the fourth Marine to receive the medal for valor in Vietnam. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1989 after more than 27 years of service.


Jerry’s commitment to our service men and women who have been wounded in action is apparent by his organization Please visit his website to learn more about how you can make a difference for our wounded warriors.


Barney's Pedigree can be viewed here.

Rainbow Bridge Great Danes
GCH Sonya Danes Lord It's Hard to be Humble

Sire: GCHB. Journey's Commissioner

Dam: CH. Sonya Old Endings Nee Beginnings Orig Calico R

Thank you Glenda for allowing me to handle your beautiful dogs. You are a dear friend.


Owned by: Glenda Burns

Bred by: Sonya Sanchez and Susan Yotive

Ch KD Danes You Had Me From Hello

Meet Abner! Abner is owned by Leo and Glenda Burns. He was bred by Renee Tiepleman of KD Danes. It's an honor to show for Leo and Glenda. They are respected Great Dane people that initially approved me for the Great Dane Club of Greater Kansas City, when I was very young.

KD Dane's You Had Me From Hello "Abner" is shown taking is first major under Mr. Hubbell in Sedalia on the 4th of July (2004).  He is looking for his last major to finish.   Abner helped his handler get back into action after her horse-back riding accident that laid Linda up for 6 months.  WAY to GO Abner!    Thanks Glenda and Leo for your continued support.

Ch Wynedane's I Want To Talk About Me

Owned and loved by Leo and Glenda Burns.


Rowdy lived up to his name.  Thanks Leo. 


Rowdy was a fun loving rascal who always made me laugh and his eyes shone like a mirror to his soul.

From the Heart Kids
GCh Graycyn and Lost Creek's Stealing Hearts

DOB 11/23/2011

Sire: BIS BISS Ch Elan’s Command Decision Reimroc
Dam: Ch Graycyn’s Esther V. Lost Creek
Steeler's Grand Championship photo 13 Mo
Steeler 3.jpg
Ch Graycyn Turbo's Wild at Heart V. Lost Creek

DOB 11/23/2011

Sire: BIS BISS Ch Elan’s Command Decision Reimroc
Dam: Ch Graycyn’s Esther V. Lost Creek

Steeler was one of the magnificent 7 out of Gable and Esther's second litter.  Steeler is shown taking his first 2 pts at 6 months and then again at age 13 months being awarded his Grand Championship.  Steeler was one of the most magnificent dogs I have ever had the pleasure to own.  He and his sister Dixie finish on the same day in Des Moines at 9 months of age.  I knew then as I did when I selected him at 8 weeks, he was going to be GREAT.


As luck would have it, the DARK cloud came to visit us at the age of 11 months.  Steeler was diagnosed with EPILEPSY.  After thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was going on with my pride and joy baby boy, and because it was stated, no there is no epilepsy in this line.....then a kind soul told me that it was in fact the bloodline.  We treated Steeler until the age of 2 1/2 years until the cluster seizures became so frequently and so violent that I chose to end this suffering.  I put him down at the University of Columbia, MO where they have the largest study of epilepsy.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I was so ANGRY.


Here are some facts to consider and hard lessons learned:


Sometimes people don't know what is in the line "its not their line" but generations of others who came before us that may not have been so forth coming on issues in a certain line.


If people say, its not in my line, just remember, they may be keeping it on the down low or truthfully, they just may not have had anyone that had a particular issue.


Things I learned are, BE OPEN as to what may have cropped up in your dogs pedigree - BE OPEN - that is how we eradicate the bad things or at least try.

Some people may not have the $$$$$ THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to research what is going on with a dog but they will do their best and even go bankrupt trying to save their dogs.  BE HONEST - BE OPEN - HELP US LEARN and HELP us rid our dogs of these terrible illnesses.


REMEMBER fully health tested dogs can produce dogs with illnesses that creep up on us.  Excellent hipped dogs can produce dysplastic dogs and good hipped dogs based on their environment can become dysplastic.

Steeler and Dixie finishing their Championships at 9 months in Des Moines, IA.

Ch Heart's All Outta Bucks AOM
Sire: Ch. Dreamspinner's Cash N Carry
Dam: Ch. Orion's Bling Bling
Chandler Buck web WinnersPM_013.jpg

Buck is shown here winning his Award of Merit (AOM) with respected Breeder Judge, Lourdes Carvajal at the prestigious Illini Great Dane Specialty.  Another dream came true.


Buck was my first mantle champion.  A powerful, extreme, big dog with a huge heart.  Chandler Coon and I completed his championship at 11 months old.  


At his first National, as a baby Champion, the judge said, " I really wanted to give him an award of merit, but  he is young and he would have many opportunities...…" 

Buck passed away from bloat before he could get to his next National while I was at my step-son's wedding.  


I came away with two learning experiences: 


1) Judge the dog on that day, if you want to award a dog no matter what the age and award, JUST DO IT!  and;

2) from that day on, all of my GREAT Danes had Gastropexy surgery.


Bloat is very real and deadly, not to mention the cost of surgery which is now over $5000.00.  

Cost of Gastropexy ($800-$1500 normally)  Just do it.

Presented by Linda and Chandler.

Ch Heart's Keep the Change


Sire: Ch. Dreamspinners Cash N’ Carry
Dam: Ch. Orion’s Bling Bling

Parker's Finishing Photo.jpg

Parker aka “John Parker Wilson Crawford Cain” is owned by my dear friends, Chuck and Willie Crawford. He is nearing his championship, needing one major and 2 singles.

Thank you Chuck and Willie for loving Parker and for giving him the great home he has. Love you both dearly.

We have frozen semen stored for Parker.

Highlander PCh Heart's Truth Be Told

"Teller" was awarded 1st place in the Open Harlequin Dogs class at the Great Dane National Specialty 2010.

Ch Impressive Heart's The RIGHT Stuff


Sire: Ch. IMPRSV Starry Night on the Nyal

Dam: Ch. Impressive One and Only


Jack is shown winning Group 1 under one of my most beloved judges, Mrs. Lorraine Boutwell.  Also shown Jack is shown going Group 3 under another of my favorite judges, Mr. Eric Ringle.  


Chandler Coon handled Jack many times in group and breed when I had client dogs.  Chandler won his first group placement with Jack at Purina Farms.  Jack and Chandler grew up together winning.

Ch DonLu's Fan Dancer of Shinon


Sire: Ch Avanti's Royhl Rogue
Dam: Don-Lu's Day Dream Believer


We're pleased to introduce you to our newest CHAMPION! Fanny is owned and loved by Mike and Sheila Carvan and co-owned, loved and handled by Linda Cain. Fanny was bred by Don, Shawn, and MaryLou Carmody.

Fanny finished in tough Texas Competition with back to back 4 point majors. Thanks to all the judges that have found her worthy of their Winner's Bitch. Fanny is shown here winning the Dallas Specialty Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex for her first major under judge Mike Madl.

Ch Chanoz On Eagles Wings
Ch. Chanoz On Eagles Wings.jpg

Isaiah, bred by Lori Beilke of Chanoz Great Danes was purchased after the loss of Louie. He is a great joy to live with and has chewed his way into my heart. He is shown here winning 1st place in the Open Harlequin Dog class at the 2002 Specialty.

He has taken winners dog, best of winners, and best of opposite sex over specials recently. He is starting obedience and agility and is very smart and stubborn. So far, NO TUNNELING for Isaiah, but he loves to jump and walk the walk!

Ch Diamond Dane's Victory Dance
Dancer South Dakota.jpg

Dancer Finished under Mr. Van Diver on Sunday during the Kansas City Specialty cluster weekend. He was awarded a 4 point major and went Best of Opposite Sex over top specials.

Dancer won 1st Place - American Bred Dog at the 2002 Great Dane National Specialty.

Dancer is shown here taking another point from the 6-9 puppy class. He is bred by Karen Martin of Diamond Danes. He is owner handled by Linda and CO-owned by Sheila and Mike Carvan.


Dancer finished his Championship in Topeka, KS under Mr. Van Diver!

Ch Impressive Heart's Hot Damm

CH Impressive Heart's Hot Damm is shown going WD in Chickasha OK. 

Murdock is the 6th Champion out of this IMPRESSIVE litter to finish. Way to go Maggi!

Murdock is bred and owned by Maggi Ahrens and co-owned by Linda Cain.

Ch Blk Mtn's Charmed Heart

Ch. Blk Mtn's Charmed Heart, better known as Buzz, was owned by Pat Ahrens and Linda Cain. He ruled the Cain household with a soft HEART! Buzz was a joy to live with in every aspect.

Below, Buzz is shown with his girls. We miss you, Buzzy!

Heart's Family Jewels
Cosmo - Best Puppy Dog Futurity.jpg

Cosmo is shown going Best Puppy Dog at the Great Dane Club of America in Louisville.


He was taken from us too soon due to BLOAT.

Owned by Merrell Magelli and Linda Cain. Bred by Merrell and Linda.

Cosmo was a joy to live with and to show.

Ch Heart's Simply Irresistible

Taylor was out of Ch. Heart's Forever Yours. She was one of the smartest dogs I've had the pleasure to own and handle. She was loved dearly by Dr. Merrell Magelli and Mr. Kevin Hopp and Emily. She is sadly missed by her family, and will remain in all of our hearts forever.

Ch Heart's Bradbury Lo Sole Mio

Louie was bred and owned by Linda Cain and Sheryl Bradbury. Louie finished his championship from the Bred By Class at the Kansas City Specialty under respected judge Dale Tarbox. What an Honor! Louie has passed on to the Great place in Heaven. He was a pleasure to live with and is deeply missed.

Ch BMW I'll Take Manhattan
Ch. BMW I'll Take Manhattan0002.jpg

My heart's love, bred by my dear friend, Laura Kiaulenas, BMW Harlequins. Sara finish from the Puppy class taking her first major under Charles Lipschultz at Waukesha Kennel Club for 4 POINTS...What a puppy! When Sara died at 3 years old, a part of me went with her. I was truly honored when Laura sold me her pick puppy and my Dream come True....

Liqueur's Heartbreaker

Logan way my first...puppy from my own bitch Antiquity. Reserve winners his first weekend out-full of very high hopes. Logan was injured after his first show, never to be shown again! Logan lived a long and full life and died at 9 years old.

GCh Duo N Gracyn's American Honey V Lost Creek
aka The Devine Ms. Em


Sire: Ch. Gracyn's Tell Me Secrets v Lost Creek
Dam: CH. Gracyn's Listen to the Whisper v. Lost Creek


Miss Em is owned and adored by Tracy and Carl Purser of Norman Oklahoma.  Emma easily finished her Championship and continued that winning spirit when she was awarded her Grand Championship during the St Louis Great Dane Specialty cluster weekend in early March.  She continues to mature beautifully.
Thanks for allowing me to handle this fun, beautiful girl.

Ch Gracyn's Esther v Lost Creek
Sire: Ch Our Dane's Fury
Dam: Ch Lost Creek's Joseph's Grace

Congratulations to Marsh and Karen on their newest CHAMPION, "Ch Gracyn's Esther v Lost Creek". Esther is shown finishing under the resptected judge, Mr. Robert Edison, at the Des Moines Specialty in September.

Marshall, it is an honor showing for you. I have loved your dogs forever! Thanks for allowing me to handle them.

Ch Kaviroz Code of Excellence


Sire: Ch. Gracyn's Tell Me Secrets v Lost Creek
Dam: Ch Ace-Hi One of ths Nights Zarlin

Kody BOB Specialty win.jpg

Kody is co-bred and owned by Kathy Zeckser. His father is BIS. BISS. Sasdania-Vitag's Frozen Asset, who is the Number 1 Great Dane for 2006.  His mom is CH. Ace-Hi One of ths Nights Zarlin.


Kody has recently received a Group 1 placing under Ms. Marjorie Mortarella!

Rainbow Bridge Mastiffs

This section is dedicated to the wonderful Mastiffs that we have had the opportunity to show and love over the years.

Ch Meadowfarm Asgard Steel Magnolia

We are pleased to introduce Meadowfarm Asgard Steel Magnolia - Shelby!

Shelby is shown (below) going best of winners in Grove OK.

CH. Meadowfarm Asgard's Steel Magnolia is owned by Terry and Jim Hudspeth and Linda Cain. Shelby was bred by Tammi and Tom Sholes and Judy Nash.

Way to go, Shelby!

Ch Fireside Asgard Major Connection
Matt WD1208OPT.jpg

We are pleased to introduce CH. Fireside Asgard Major Connection - Matt!

Ch Asgard's Valhalla Freya

Ch. Asgard's Valhalla Freya, otherwise known as, "Toot" shown winning her Group 1 under respected judge Mr. Gerald Schwartz. Toot was owned and loved by Jim and Terry Hudspeth, Asgard Mastiffs.

Toot had a wonderful win record as the #2 Mastiff bitch in 1994. She won an Award of Merit at the Mastiff Nationals. She received many Best of Breeds and Group placements. She is dearly missed.

Ch Windsong's Kodiak Teddy Bear

Kodi is shown here at 22 months old finishing his championship with a Best of Breed award. Kodi finished his championship in a single summer! He is owned and loved by Curtis & Rebekah Schmitt, and was bred by Lorrie Thomas of Windsong Mastiffs. Thank you to all of the judges who helped make Kodi a winner!

Ch Mom's Valentine

New Champion Mastiff, Ch. Mom's Valentine. 'Ernie' is a double Ch. Lefholtz's Handsome Hoyt great grandson with old Greco lines on the mother's side. I met Ernie and his parents, Kimberly and John Dauner of Pratt, KS, at the Wichita shows in early April and fell in love with him.

He immediately reminded me of Hoyt and once I saw the pedigree, it was apparent Hoyt was coming though this young dog. He excels in DARK pigment, SHORT BLACK ears and DARK eye. He also has a gorgeous scissors bite and great personality. He FINISHED at the Kansas City Circuit with THREE BIG MAJORS, (4 pts, 5pts and 5 pts.) under respected working dog judges. It was truly an honor to show ERNIE.

Kimberley and I met by chance, but a lasting, loving relationship the minute we met.  Thank You Kimberley for coming into my life with such a beautiful dog and beautiful friendship.  Ernie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge where we will meet him again.

Ch Master's Lard-O
LARD-O Front Cover.jpg

Lordy started his Specials career by going back-to-back Best of Breed from the classes at 11 months owner-handled by Pam Dillon.

Lordy and Linda became a team in January 2005 where Lordy went back-to-back Best of Breeds in Wentzville at 15 months and has continued his winning ways by going Back-to-Back GROUP 3s at the Columbia Kennel Club at 17months under respected judges, Mrs. Paula Nykiel and Mrs. Patricia Neale.

Lordy is bred by Shirley Carpenter, Master's Mastiffs, out of the gorgeous Ch. Master's Miss Hap (AOM) and sired by the handsome Ch. Impressive Heritage (Harley) owned and bred by Maggi Ahrens, Impressive Mastiffs.

It is my pleasure and honor to handle such a beautifully-built and bred dog such as Lordy. I had the distinct honor of finishing his parents and grandparents. This young dog is a TREASURE. Thank you Pam and Butch for allowing me the opportunity to handle Lordy.

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