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Handling Rates

Onofrio Agent #3642


All dogs traveling with me will have the following fees:

  1. Gas – split equally between client dogs being carried

  2. Boarding – prior acceptance and booking required

  3. Handling fees as noted below or on contract

  4. Entries to be paid by owner of dog unless otherwise addressed in contract at which time a credit card must be on file with me to utilize for your dog’s entries.


I reserve the right to make a determination during judging to take the dog I feel has the best possibility of winning for Winners classes.

Priority will be determined by me and each dog owner will know ahead of the show which dog has priority, unless at the time of judging, I feel another dog will have a better chance of winning at that time.

Specials on contract (verbal or written) will have top priority and if exclusive will incur all expenses plus exclusive fee. Specials will have top priority.  Danes will have highest priority, Mastiffs second in priority unless otherwise discussed.


​All Breed and Specialty Shows class fees

Best of Breed specials (Ringside)       $150.00 (unless otherwise addressed)
Regular Classes                                   $125.00
Sweepstakes                                        $  75.00

If I carry your dog and maintain it through the show circuit an additional $25.00 per day is charged.

National Specialty show fees

National Best of Breed entry             $250.00
National Class dogs                           $175.00
National Sweepstakes                        $100.00
National Futurity                                 $100.00

WESTMINSTER SHOW:  All Expenses plus $500.00 

Also, Security must be ordered and paid for by the client from the show site.



Best of Breed (All Breed Show)        $  50.00
Best of Breed (Specialty)                   $100.00
Best of Breed (National)                    $500.00 (unless otherwise addressed)
Invitational and Westminster BOB    $500.00 (unless otherwise addressed)

Best of Opposite Sex (National)        $250.00
Best of Opposite Sex (Invite/West)   $250.00

Award of Merit (National)                   $150.00
Award of Merit (Invite/West)              $150.00

Group 1                                                $200.00
Group 2                                                $150.00
Group 3                                                $100.00
Group 4                                                $  75.00


Additional Fees

  • Any additional per dog hotel fee

  • Training $20.00 per ½ hour plus class fee if any

  • Bathing $50.00

  • Boarding $25.00 per day plus food provided by owner

Any vet bills as needed will be paid for with the client’s charge card.  Owners will be notified before services are started, unless in case of extreme emergency.

I DO NOT CARRY dogs that are prone to BLOAT that are NOT GASTROPEXIED.

Dogs that are prone to Bloat MUST have GASTROPEXY.  Also a signed letter of intent is required of the client, in case of emergency, (surgery or no surgery).  Please know this surgery can cost as much as $5,000.00, and is not always successful. 

Owners will travel to pick up any dog in case of emergency.

​Handler’s expenses will be shared by the number of traveling client dogs for specialties, all breed, invitational shows, etc. (dogs owned by Linda Cain are exempt).

Specialty Show/Nationals/Invitational Expenses:

All expenses (including, but not limited to, meals, hotels, airline tickets, rental cars) for handler will be shared at a pro-rated by all client dogs entered at the show.  My assistant may travel with me and I will cover their meals, but they will stay in my hotel room as my guest and not incur charges.


​Thank you for your inquiry about my handling services. I will do my best to present your dogs in the most professional manner and to the best of their ability.

​If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Me or email me at

** A credit card must be on file at all times in order to utilize my services. All outstanding balances will be charged to your card if outstanding after 30 days **

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